About me


I was a social media manager, personal assistant and marketing assistant to the chairman of a famous London market-based in Covent Garden for the past four years.

While I truly loved it there, the time came for me to go solo on my new adventure as virtual assistant and social media manager.

It proved the right move as my passion for marketing and social media has grown even further, which included taking in a digital marketing strategy course at the London College of Communications, and also completing my Executive Masters in Digital Marketing & Social Media Communication with the Ninja Academy School (Italy).

I’ve also attended a course at Oxford University on optimising, and getting the most out of, blogs.

Anything connected to social media, be it marketing and content creation to the scheduling of new posts, I simply love being involved in. Allied to my natural interest in customer service, problem-solving and online communities management, it is clear that I have found my path in life.

In my spare time, I also run my own personal cooking/travel blog. “Angelinafoodandtravel” was born in 2012, and I am personally responsible for every aspect of it: recipe creation, food photography, video editing, SEO and the relative social networks. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with various food companies, too, both as a recipe developer and as a photographer.

I am also passionate about Lightroom. In fact, I love it ad have become a highly skilled operator.

If you feel I will be a good fit, and there should be no reason why I wouldn’t, then I’d be delighted to hear from you.